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Java InetAddress class provides methods to get the IP of any host name. Java – Slash before tByName(host) – Stack Overflow I m assuming you are doing a toString after this?

Inet address

The host name can either be a machine name, such as m, or a string representing its IP. InetAddress (Java Platform SE ) – Oracle Help Center An instance of an InetAddress consists of an IP address and possibly its corresponding host name (depending on whether it is constructed with a host name or). I need to know the real ip of my.

Java InetAddress class- javatpoint The java InetAddress or etAddress class represents an IP address. This tutorial explains how to use the InetAddress class in the Java Networking. Java: Convert a String (representing an IP) to InetAddress – Stack.

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To create an InetAddress object, you have to use one of the available factory methods. InetAddress Example program in Java The InetAddress class has no visible constructors.

Class etAddress getAddress Returns the raw IP address of this InetAddress object. Why don t you just use normal String manipulation, meaning substring? I m writing a simple networking app. If you actually want to work with all of the IP addresses on the machine. Possible Duplicate: Is there an easy way to convert String to.

InetAddress (Java Platform SE ) – Oracle Help Center

You should be able to use getByName or getByAddress. TByName – MSDN – Microsoft Determines the IP address of a host, given the host s name.

O getAllByName(String Determines all the IP addresses of a host, given the host s name. Ip – Creating InetAddress object in Java – Stack Overflow I am trying to convert an address specified by an IP number or a name.

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